Hey YO! Heres a quick bit Extra Life episode of the Fold for your enjoyment. We hope you click the link and donate! Please help the kids! LINK———–>¬†EXTRA-LIFE ¬†<——— LINK […]

Hey YO! This week we discuss terminology and gaming and Guilds and Extra Life and of course the Patriots! Please take a moment and follow the links below to help […]

Hey YO! This week we discuss self analyzing and how it can help your game, we also can’t stop talking about Guilds. What do you the listener think about guilds? […]

Hey YO! gamers, this week we discuss our thoughts on 1.9 and Guilds, then we get off track and just ramble…lol…but its all good! We hope you enjoy!

Hey YO! This week we have a very special episode as we let Chainsaw loose in the basement to get unleashed and go wild! This is one of the most […]

Hey YO! This week we get all worked up and frothy about all the sweet juicy news surrounding the 1.9 update, new heroes, and heroes changes, item changes! seasons! Whew! […]

Hey YO! This Week we talk about the winner of the haiku contest, The results of week one NFL games (at least the important ones) and of course. Vainglory! We […]

Hey YO! Surprise! We cover everything that is 1.8, no surprise there, or is there? You’ll have to listen to find out! We debate the Kraken Ace buff and loads […]

Hey YO! More Extra Life discussion, we check in on new player MaxoRelaxo and then have a walk through the lane and all its subtlety. As always we hope you […]

Hey YO! Justin and Chuck are back again on the podcast fro casual VG Gamers! This week we continue our discussion on Game Awareness, talk about some recent games and […]