Video Games

Hey YO! Justin and Chuck are back again on the podcast fro casual VG Gamers! This week we continue our discussion on Game Awareness, talk about some recent games and […]

Hai KU! Welcome to ep. 26 of the Fold Podcast. A casual podcast about the Mobile App Vainglory! This week we do a lot of housekeeping, introduce a contest to […]

Hey YO! This week we wrap up the Foldling Tournament, oh and we also talk about a little thing called 1.7? Have you heard of it? Player Love? We squeezed […]

Hey YO! This week we talk about Catherine Tier 3. Our beach Vacation and the importance of playing and knowing a hero’s ability. Hop you enjoy this weeks episode.

Hey YO! This week the Bad Boys from Boston talk about alternate game modes and even attempt to create their own? What? Yeah thats right! We got a game mode! […]

Hey YO! This week the boys talk about cards! Hero balance and OGVG! all this and more on a new episode of the Fold! thanks for listening!

Hey YO! This week things have quieted down and we have a discussion about the Fold tournament, what its like to be a new player in VG and we finish […]

Hey YO! This week the boys take the show on the road, traveling side show like and whoop it up with the left coast at the official VG launch event. […]

Hey YO! This week Chuck does his best Masterpiece Theater on a great piece of literature! Justin asks “Do we really need assassins?” All the while Chuck has his knowledge […]

Hey YO! This week its back to normal around the basement as Justin and Chuck cozy up on the couch and talk about The Folding Wars, Updates and News and […]