Hey YO! This Weeks episode is all about patch 1.5 our thoughts,concerns and regrets. We talk about Fortress and all the item changes and have an overall good time, won’t […]

You never even asked for it you may not have even wanted it, but here it is…two great tastes that taste great together. We’ve teamed up with Shatter the Vain […]

Hey YO! Ep. 14 is here and its a good one. We talk about our favorite threesome and also escape mechanics. There’s a bunch of Jibber Jabber thrown in as […]

Hey YO! Episode 13 is here, and its a good one! This week we discuss the ESL, Team Comp, and the new Skaarf build thats going around. Thanks for listening. […]

Hey YO! Episode 12 is here and its a BIG one! Join us as we talk all about the new 1.4 patch! Our thoughts about skins, items and hero changes! […]

Hey YO! Episode 11 is here and is a Smorgasbord of Boondogglery and also features a whole boat load of discussion about Items and their Tiers? Tears? You’ll just have […]

Hey YO! Welcome to another episode of the Fold podcast. This week the boys discuss Team Fights, Jumping in and jumping out. Enjoy!

Hey YO! Episode 008 is here and the boys spend the majority of the episode discussing Infusions! They also talk about SAW, all this and more in Ep.008! Thanks for […]

Heyo! In episode 007 the boys discuss when to surrender, they ask the listeners, “where do you play VG?’ and Justin hands out the directions for how to do the […]

In episode 6 the boys get a lesson in pronunciation, talk a little Vox, and discuss when to Push? All this and more in another exciting episode of The Fold, […]