Hey YO! We are Back form our Holiday! Hope everyone had an enjoyable one! we Discuss a smorgasbord of topics and run through the state of the game as it […]

Hey YO Gamers! This week we drop in again on Kestrel, we talk about Winter Wonders upcoming calendar, the Patriots keep marching on. Its the Christmas Episode and we hope […]

Hey YO! This week we discuss in detail the new hero Kestrel, Talk about The Fold Guild and Discord, we also dive into a discussion about the lore! Hope you […]

Hey Yo! This week Exceptions is back from the VGL and gives a behind the scenes look into what makes an event like this possible and the logistics of how […]

Hey YO! This week Chuck makes a confession and asks Exceptions for support and then we give a great big primer on eSports with all the exciting events planned in […]

Hey YO! Welcome to episode 37 of the Fold Podcast, this week we talk about of course patch 1.11 which dropped last week, with us mainly focusing on the new […]

Hey YO! Gamers this week we come to you with a full recap of our Extra Life event and boy was it amazing! Meeting all the VainGlory players was awesome […]

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