Hey YO! This week two guild members stop by and lend a hand after Exceptions deserted me for the Live Championships. We talk some VG and general Guild stuff. Thanks […]

Hey YO! There’s some new lore to discuss, some new artwork, theres a Fold In house tournament coming up and of course a little thing called the VGL! All this […]

Hey YO! This week we welcome you to the jungle! We talk about rotation, we discuss Iron Guard (Yuck!) Sean has a new mic, exciting! and Chuck recently purchased an […]

Hey YO! We are back again this week and boy do we cover a lot! We discuss SAWs appearance in the META and go into detail about Blackfeather counter tech. […]

Hey YO! This week with Exceptions off at PAX South doing his thing he do! we call in the big guns and have none other than SEMC doer on to […]


Hey YO! This week Exceptions and I discuss the newest Reim Lore, we talk about Pax South and also dabble in Fun Comps! theres a lot more but we keep […]

Hey YO! This week we talk about Reim and then we head into a discussion about countering Kestrel! All this and a whole lot more in the newest episode of […]

Hey YO! This week we talk about all things VG, Chuck’s 6th and 7th senses, Exceptions trip back to Cali and some VIPL results! All of that and a whole […]